How to make 10 Thousand Naira Daily Reading And Commenting

*How To Make Money From NNU Program*
N.I.P* means *NNU* Income Program, an initiative conjoined with Nigeria New Update platform, *nnu. ng* view

N.I.P is a two earning opportunity division

*NARS: NNU Ad Revenue Sharing*

With NARS, participant earns residual income by login in to their NNU account daily, spending at least 5-10 minutes reading news, comment, and even posting news around them on NNU. So you have the option to earn residual income taking part in NNU activities daily even when you can’t refer anyone.


Register a FREE ACCOUNT HERE By Joining this group 

our whatsapp group

*Earning Point Action*

₦1 Read and comment on news

₦35 Daily Login

₦20 or more Post News

#100 – #500. Posting unique news e.g be the first to post breaking news not posted on any other news platform

₦1000 per each friend you introduce to benefit from N.I.P. click “Marketing” to get your referral link. *This is optional,its your choice to refer or not*

Registration is $3.5

*How To Register*

To become NIP participant, you need to purchase NNU Income Program Pack with a token amount of 1,600 naira only (one time payment). Your application will only get approved when you have successfully purchase and pay for this pack.

1. Click on This WHATSAPP GROUP

Activation of account will be done after few hourss but if pending after 24hours contact NNUNIP ADM.


Now many people always complain that the earning is too poor without considering the fact that this program was designed in a way it will last forever.
Some people are making more than #2000 naira on that site daily by just doing the Normal activities. While some earn 300, 200 and some a minimum of 100 naira
How much you want to make daily depends on your commitment
This is a life time and a life changing opportunity because there is no way you can not make at least #5000 naira every month
But if you take it serious like me my dear you’re sure of #50 to #30k monthly

The founder of NNU is *Mr Paul Samson*.
He is also the founder of *Cool naira* and *E BOSS FOUNDATION*.

This two programs have been running for over 2 years now.
You can make your research and testify.

So NNU will last for us all for a long time. ( years)

So your investment capital which is #1,600 will not go in vain NNU pay its members on 27th of the month. And the minimum payment is #5,000 naira.
Once you earn up to that amount it will be paid to you in that particular month.


But incase something happened and you were not able to earn up to #5000 in a particular month, your earnings will be rolled over to you to the next month and you continue from their.
I have said a lot so far.
Now is the Time for you to decide if you really want to be making an extra income.
I know that you might have a bigger online investment platform that you’re earning from but remember that little drops of water can make an ocean.
Even if this is too small for you, there are others around you who need it.

Those your friends, your brothers and sisters who always ask you for #100 naira to buy recharge card, you can start this program for them so that they can hustle like others
So I urge you to register and take this serious.
You can work 2 to 3 hours daily and still earn hugely
Remember that the registration is affordable.

It’s just a one time payment of #1,600 and you won’t make any payment again
If you’re ready to sign up and start earning please visit the link below

and scroll down to *REGISTER* *NOW( NNU INCOME PACK)* to begin your registration

Join The  whatsapp group and learn how to make 10,000 Naira per day


you can see screenshots for proof that nnu pays

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