Top 5 Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2018 (and where to learn them)

If you are a newbie to the field of programming, one of the the main (hardest) choice you in all likelihood should make is picking the language you need to start with. In spite of the fact that you can take in various languages at thesame time,

It is, however, very logical to have your feet planted deep in a particular language, master the basics of the language, carry out some cool projects like building an app or online store etc. or create some cool stuff using the language, then you can pick up some other language(s). Definitely, as you progress, it will only become easier to pick up a new language through previous learning experiences.

In this piece, we would feature a portion of the best programming programs you can/ought to learn in 2018 (and where to learn them). Independent of the fact that you might be a programmer or already one.These are some of the languages in top demands as of 2018.programs listed here were assembled on the the basis average salary, popularity, ease of learning, availability of jobs etc.

Top 5 Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2018 (and where to learn them)


Python is one of the oldest programming languages to have at any point existed. Likewise, it is additionally one of the least demanding programming language to learn as a programmer. Python is used in significant number of fields like web development, building applications (for Android and iOS) and a ton of different applications.

Python is additionally broadly utilized as a part of building programs that are mathematics oriented, logical figuring, information science, machine learning or artificial intelligence,image processing and so on. What’s more, as indicated by this source, a man talented in Python programming can earn up to 100,000 Naira per month


Javascript is an extremely well known language in programming. It is popular to the point that no less than 17 of every 20 developers have, some time in their career, had a spell with Javascript. Actually, passing by StackOverFlow’s most recent overview of more than 100,000 developers, it was uncovered that 69.8% of 78,334 respondents used Javascript in their (regular) work. To add icing to the cake, the normal pay of a Javascript developer floats around 80,000 to 100,000  Naira per month

Ruby (on Rails)

Ruby is the programming language, while ‘Rails’ is a system for web development. Both are regularly joined, henceforth the informal name “Ruby on Rails”. Ruby is normally utilized as a part of building and creating and creating internet business sites or stores and furthermore, versatile applications.

Yet not as well known as some different languages, Ruby in Rails is an adaptable language and very simple to learn.The language is also prospective in terms of job opportunities and pay scale – annual salary of a Ruby developer is about 75,000 Naira per Month.


Quick is a cool programming language to learn on the off chance that you have your emphasis on building applications for portable, watches or any gadget that keeps running on the iOS stage. Quick was acquainted by Apple in 2014 with fill in as a simple to-troubleshoot, and more better option to Objective-C which was already used to create iOS applications.

Since Apple considers iOS improvement important, SWIFT is a language that will be around for quite a while. Be that as it may, the language is somewhat hard to learn, yet the  80,000 Naira per Month of a SWIFT designer could persuade you.


PHP is a dialect centered around the back-end part of web development. PHP is a popular language and this as a result of the popularity which is attached to the prevalence of WordPress CMS. Some users of PHP include the creation of cookies in websites, collection of data from websites, display of dynamic contents and images etc.

As indicated by FullStack Academy, 83 percent of site (and some huge names like Facebook and Wikipedia) use PHP. What’s more, insofar as there are in excess of 75 million sites running on WordPress, the requirement for PHP designers will dependably emerge. the average salary of a PHP developer is 97,000 Naira – could vary depending on geographical location.

The above languages are 5 of the various courses you should need to learn in 2018. depending upon what you intend to accomplish, a portion of these languages may not be of importance to your programming reason. This rundown was created with respect to popularity, future prospects, and accessibility of chances.

To learn any of these languages, there are courses on them on a few online stages like  UdacityUdemyCode AcademyCourseraeDXTree HouseKhan Academy and so on. A solitary inquiry on any language of decision will uncover a few courses where you can self-learn in your own time. permitting, space, and comfort.

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  1. C# and Java as they hold similar places, often in investment banks. Both of these languages have been around for a while, just not quite as long as C++.

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